About Matt

Matt Barnes is a Toronto-based photographer, with a proclivity toward pop culture influences, those both oldfangled and fashionable.  From photographing superstars like Snoop Dogg and Bradley Cooper, to personal heavyweights like Nick Wooster and Lexi Belle, Matt is as easily at home photographing a family picnic as he is a band of beatniks. Not one... MORE

Summer Crossing

While plaudits for his writing are numerous and stories of his high-society schmoozing infamous, Matt and I were attracted to the rumpled elegance that defined the aesthetic of Truman Capote, and paid homage to this in a photo series dedicated to him. Teaming up creatively, we combined my affection for the writing and frippery of…

Bomb Girls

Two-thousand & thirteen is off with a running start, as Matt aids and abets the aesthetics of the already appealing Bomb Girls, through this period-piece photo series, which commemorates the start of the show’s second season. If you’re out of the loop, stop worrying and learn to love the six-episode strong first season - the artwork for…

Boys of Summer

While perhaps a tad premature to celebrate the beginning of those dog days, today we shall laud Matt’s homage to summer – which in parts has the feel of The Outsiders, had it alternatively been written by Edmund White. The series reflects Matt’s own adolescence, including moments spent drinking and playing with guns in the woods, all the while clad…


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